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What is eMule?

eMule is a powerful peer to peer file sharing client, capable of connecting to multiple networks with incredible efficiency and capable to downloading multiple files at the same time. Customize eMule with different skins, verify file downloads automatically for corruption and has chat room support, all for Free.

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Top Features

  • Fast Downloads
  • Supports multiple networks (KAD, ED2K)
  • File corruption detection
  • Custom player skins
  • IRC and Messaging Support
  • Completely Free
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  • Multiple Network Support

    eMule connects to multiple networks including ED2K, Source Exchange, and Kademlia (KAD) to efficiently search and download files. All downloaded files are automatically checked for corruption to ensure error free files. Extremely customizable options allows you to throttle bandwidth, control eMule remotely and schedule automated shutdowns.

    eMule Skins

    eMule can be completely customized with a wide selection of skins available to download and choose from. You can select any that comes pre-installed or create your own skin from scratch.

    Hundreds of Servers

    Between multiple networks to choose from, eMule can connect to over 100 different servers to search and download from. Easily download new server lists or import your own to increase the ability to find new files. You can also prioritize servers based on your preferences and automatically remove dead servers.

    Avoid File Corruption

    eMule implements multiple measures to make sure that files in the network are shared and downloaded without errors. Should an error occur, eMule can self-correct the corruption with a minimum of additional data to redownload.

    Multiple Platforms

    eMule was built to be portable and will work on all versions of Windows, Linux, Mac OS, X, Unix, etc. The source code for eMule is open-source and can be compiled for any platform. All versions are tested to be free of spyware and are completely free.

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